Portland, Oregon

The Landrovers visited Kelly Jackson, Kevin’s sister in Portland, Oregon. This week was the last destination “planned” in our trip. It was definitely a crossroads for us. We did a lot of relaxing in her apartment downtown, caught up on some work and phone calls, but also had to make some decisions. We were coming to the end of our budget for this trip, and after visiting Boise, ID and falling in love with the Baby Place (to have our baby) some decisions on what to do next, needed to be made.

We had checked out a rental home in Boise (via a friend of a friend) so we knew there was an opportunity to have a short-term lease and have the baby with the Midwives at the birthing center of our choice. At this point, no other doors had clearly opened up before us, but we still felt uncertain. By the end of the week, a friend had generously donated to The Landrovers, allowing us to take the last leg of the trip and make it comfortably back to Boise, ID.

We got surprised with a visit from Kevin’s sister, Julie, who was in town for business. She treated us to dinner at Deschutes Brewery in downtown Portland. Skyler made a friend at the dog park down the road from Kelly’s apartment. His name was Bruiser, a Bernese Mountain dog – like cousins to the Saint Bernard. We visited a traditional Irish Pub, got a late night taste of the famous Voodoo Doughnuts (after standing in line for 20 min – but totally worth it), got our fix of Autumn by going to a Pumpkin Patch just outside the city, and had lunch from a food cart – not sketchy at all!


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