Farmers without a Farm | Hay Season

Step 5.

Find a barn/pasture for animals that can be leased long-term/year round, to run our farm business out of.

After a long winter around the barn in the woods on “Hlavka Mountain” we needed to find grass four our three calves to feed on through this spring, summer and fall. Just a few miles down the road from where we resided, Jackson connected with a “good ol boy” Bill Olsen and his son-in-law Travis. Bill Olsen’s grandfather resided at Olsen Farm, what is now the “Friends of Sleeping Bear office in historic Port Oneida, a part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Our calves are now on pasture with his heard, earmarked so we know ours are ours. Part of the trade is that Jackson will be “on call” throughout Hay Season to be the guy on the trailer pulling out and stacking the hay as they drive down the field.

“Farming without our own farm…continued…”

IMG_2831 - Haying with the Olsen's

Celebrating the return of the Defenders

IMG_1546_#thelandrovers #DefendersReturnThe Defenders Return

Jennifer, who also had her Defender seized, put on a great party on her property in North Carolina to celebrate our recent civilian victory against the government, with the return of our Land Rover Defenders.

Most of us who attended were meeting face to face for the first time. Over the last year, while we were in contact with our one common tie, Will Hedrick (our lawyer and selfless hero), we could not know the others involved or talk about the details of the case as it unfolded.

The party could not have had better weather or a location. It was catered with fantastic food, an unending supply of ice tea and lemonade supplied, entertained by the band Raffe Hollister, and even included swimming in a pool. By the end of the night, stories were shared, contacts and friends for life were made. We came together over our common passion…adventure + our Land Rover Defenders.

 A gift of Thanks

How do you thank a lawyer who racked up over $500,000 in legal fees while fighting for you?

How about a Defender 110 that was previously owned by a couple from France, that had patina from their own adventures across African soil? Collectively, as a gift of thanks to Will, the 25+ Defender owners he represented, went in together to get him his own Safari vehicle. It providing an unforgettable moment, a dream come true.

What’s better than the gift of adventure?!

#defendersreturn #thelandrovers #HedrickRover

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Boise, Idaho

Kevin an I chose to move to Boise, Idaho after visiting our dear friends Jeremy & Brianna Whitman and discovering The Baby Place. We were seeking a natural birth experience and found peace in God’s presence there. After prayer, we sensed that that was exactly where we needed to be. After that, everything fell into place. We got a six month rental in the North End of town and had lots of great experiences in our time out west.

We were exposed to what the lifestyle out west is like, how riding a bike is commonplace and necessary, watched Jeremy in his cyclo-cross races, enjoyed the culture of the downtown, rented a historic home in the popular “North End,” lived just 17 miles from the top of the Bogus Basin – a skiing destination, and just a couple miles from a spectacular view of the Valley on top of Camelsback park. We enjoyed our beloved neighbors Peg and Harry, found a wonderful church family in The North End Collective, Rock went to her first Christmas cookie exchange (made sweet potato cookies), Jackson learned how to make Sourdough bread from scratch with a starter, and we both got Cowboy boots. Now the only thing we’re missing is an old pick up truck and a gun.



Portland, Oregon

The Landrovers visited Kelly Jackson, Kevin’s sister in Portland, Oregon. This week was the last destination “planned” in our trip. It was definitely a crossroads for us. We did a lot of relaxing in her apartment downtown, caught up on some work and phone calls, but also had to make some decisions. We were coming to the end of our budget for this trip, and after visiting Boise, ID and falling in love with the Baby Place (to have our baby) some decisions on what to do next, needed to be made.

We had checked out a rental home in Boise (via a friend of a friend) so we knew there was an opportunity to have a short-term lease and have the baby with the Midwives at the birthing center of our choice. At this point, no other doors had clearly opened up before us, but we still felt uncertain. By the end of the week, a friend had generously donated to The Landrovers, allowing us to take the last leg of the trip and make it comfortably back to Boise, ID.

We got surprised with a visit from Kevin’s sister, Julie, who was in town for business. She treated us to dinner at Deschutes Brewery in downtown Portland. Skyler made a friend at the dog park down the road from Kelly’s apartment. His name was Bruiser, a Bernese Mountain dog – like cousins to the Saint Bernard. We visited a traditional Irish Pub, got a late night taste of the famous Voodoo Doughnuts (after standing in line for 20 min – but totally worth it), got our fix of Autumn by going to a Pumpkin Patch just outside the city, and had lunch from a food cart – not sketchy at all!

Bowman Lake | Glacier National Park

[box]“like the dogs, we’re just here for entertainment…and companionship.” -Glen[/box]

Everyone out west seems to have a “Rig.” The rigs out west might just be a heavy duty pick up truck or a vehicle they can hitch a trailer to. Countless times, we’ve been getting comments on our rig at stations, campgrounds, and parking lots, with people saying “hey, nice rig you have there!” Our camp-mates at Bowman Lake had a real solid name for their rig, appropriately named by her color, Sangria.

We met Glen, Amy and Walter (the dog) at Many Glacier campground. We saw they had a dog and offered to help out by watching it if they went for a long hike, as dogs are not allowed on trails. Our camping neighbor John tooke Jackson for a long hike to Iceburg Lake. They ended up crossing paths with Glen and Amy on the trail and finished out the hike as a group. I stayed back because of the elevation and watched Walter and Skyler.

We spent one more day in Many Glacier, then drove the Going to the Sun road as far as it was open. The next day we made it to Bowman Lake campground on the west side of the park, and ended up camping across from Glen and Amy! There weren’t many campers here, as it is now considered the off-season, so we had fun “community camping.” We shared meals, dish-duty and campfires for a few days.

The last morning we were there, the wildlife was ready for us to leave. There was a squirrel in a tree above Sangria, purposefully throwing spiked pine cones at Sangria’s windshield. The days before, we had a “friendly fox” lurking about, scouting out our camp and taunting the dogs. We were warned by the Ranger, not to leave anything out because the fox has been known to steal things when you’re not watching. Despite the guard of the two dogs, the fox continued to attempt and enter the camping area unnoticed. One morning we got up to find the fox had stolen the dish-washing brush, carried it a few feet and peed on it.

New Friends

Our first stop is Up North Michigan, in the Glen Arbor area. We’re treated to stay with our friends on their beautiful lakefront property with bed and breakfast-like accommodations.

After a lazy Sunday morning in bed, we searched for a farmer’s market to shop for local produce. We bought from all 3 of the vendors that were there, and then on the way back stopped a couple stands off the road. We sauteed up some fresh grown, fresh cut veggies and ate a truly “Raw” meal. It tasted good, and the little one in my belly was grateful too.

This afternoon, Skyler played nice with our friend’s new 4 month old French Brittany. I haven’t seen her actually play like that since before she had her litter 5 years ago. They chased each other around the yard, laid together catching some sun and a view, and the puppy thought Skyler’s tail was a chew toy. Unfortunately the puppy went back down state, where his home is, so their visit was brief. They even said goodbye’s to each other at the car on their way out 🙁