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Rockwell Art & Design offers a wide variety of creative services for businesses, events, organizations and individuals alike.

The artist behind Rockwell is me, Raquel Jackson. I’ve made some big life changes to get out of the rat race, giving myself and my family the flexibility and go where the path ahead leads, and follow my calling as an artist. Rockwell Art & Design is mobile and location independent (with the help of technology and the internet), so that we can expand our horizons, opening up more possibilities, offering creative services from almost anywhere!

I’m a compassionate and creative soul that is using it to help people achieve their goals. I get excited about people who hire me that are also living with passion and purpose…It gives us the opportunity to form a relationship in which we can collaborate together!

Services Available, but not limited to:

Print & Advertising Design – Postcards, Brochures, Flyers, Ads, Banners, Tickets, Signage, Etc.

Conceptual Pencil Drawings prior to designing the graphics needed; working with a group of people, ideas for a marketing campaign, or used for visualizing a concept to her clients

Business Suites – Business Color Selection, Logo, Business Cards & Letterheads

Event T-shirts, logos, and promotional material

Websites – Includes Custom Designed Website Header/Backgrounds that are User-Friendly, Update-able, Search-Engine Optimized, and E-commerce options for secure online sales

Website Management on a monthly basis

Social Media Marketing, Consulting and Management

Photography – Both for individuals and business clients, Including :

Fashion Photography, Product Shots, Unique Senior Photos, Pets, Family, Individual Shoots, Landscape & Estate Photography

Photo Enhancement and Antique Photo Restoration using Adobe Photoshop

Fine Art – Acrylic Canvas Paintings and Pencil Drawings

Rockwell Art & Design | P: (734) 237.8093

I look forward to seeing what we can creatively do for you. Thanks!  -Raquel

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