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MI to KY

The Landrovers move from Michigan to KY for an opportunity to work, live and start farming.

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Our story, continued.

We realized that our larger goals and dreams were not going to happen where we were at – so we had to make a change. The next step towards farming…

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long haul to Boise

We drove into Boise in the nick of time. Thank God we weren’t in Christmas Valley when this happened.

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Portland, Oregon

This week was the last destination “planned” in our trip

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The Non-Plan Plan

This type of plan means doing what you know you can do to a certain point, then surrendering to the path, being open to the endless doors of opportunity.

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What am I doing?

We’re getting ready to be “homeless” on purpose, pregnant, and traveling in an old Land Rover with the “non-plan plan” in the horizon, all while pregnant. It sounds crazy, but then the answer to my question “what are we doing?” dawned on me.

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