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We got 1985 Land Rover Defender in June of 2011. The Rover quickly became symbolic of the changes we would make from that point on in life.

We’re headed on a path that looks different from most and it’s taken us back to the “Land.”

Dreams start with taking action on a passion. For Kevin Jackson, it started with an unfamiliar burning in his belly that led him to God. Now God is leading him to farm, raise animals and food organically. After we got married and lived out our first “5 year plan,” we recognized that we were being called for more, something different than we were currently living. So we sold our house, packed up the Land Rover and headed out for the journey of a lifetime.

We strive to be conscious of what we consume and where it comes from. Our goal is to someday live sustainably, from things we raise and grow. Although we are starting small, we are confident in it. There’s a quote we keep close that remind us where we’re at, and what lies ahead,

All great things have small beginnings.

Much of this site documents our first Rover adventures as we headed out west to see where the road would take us. Raquel was pregnant during this trip and we stopped to have our first child in Boise, Idaho. Shortly after Abraham was born, Jackson got a Farming Internship in Northern, MI. So back across the country we headed. We lived and work our own businesses in beautiful Leelanau County, Michigan. Jackson is farming, via Jackson Station Livestock Co., raising livestock including pastured pork and a limited supply of grass-fed beef. Raquel is “Rocking Well” with her design and marketing business, Rockwell Art & Design.

Our big-picture goal is to live on property with a self-sufficient lifestyle, providing not just for ourselves, but a place for others – living out something greater that includes Community & Stewardship.

We realize it’s not all going to happen at once, and there’s lots of steps it will take to get there.

At the end of the day, we are putting our trust in the heavens, because we’re traveling towards unfamiliar territory, but living out our life with purpose.

There’s a peace in the path, that’s beyond our own understanding.

We are The Landrovers. This is our life, these are our goals, and we’re going to share the steps we take and the adventure with you…

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