Jackson Station Livestock Co.

We are a farrowing-to-finish operation. The farrow-to-finish operation is the historic foundation of raising pork and includes all phases from: breeding, gestation, farrowing, lactation, weaning, and growing the pigs to market. Our farm business is currently stationed off of Bohemian Rd, in Maple City Michigan, in the heart of Leelanau County.

Jackson Station Livestock Co. is now offering our pastured pork for sale! 

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How they’re Raised

Our pigs are raised all naturally! They’re given non-GMO feed and proud to be Hormone & Antibiotic-Free. In the fall, they get to forage among the forest, allowing them to finish on Acorns.

We’re currently raising Tamworths, an Old English forest breed pig – descendants of wild boars and native pig stocks of Europe. Our sows (the Mama’s) are Tamworths and our Boar (the Papa) is a Large Black – suited for pasture-based farming, with strong foraging and grazing ability. The meat from these pigs are known for its lean quality and flavor without an excess of back fat.

Summer Pig Camp | The pigs are raised in their own woodsy corner of the farm, among the fresh air, sun and shade. We’ve coined the name “Pig Camp,” for this area where each of our two sows and their litters have a happy place to call home. During the summer, they’ve eaten a combination of garden vegetables grown for them like tomatoes, zucchini and squash, while being pastured.

Did you know? Natively, hogs were raised in the woods.

Fall Pig Camp | New sections of the forest have been opened up for the hogs to feed and finish on acorns that will continue to become abundant as the season progresses. “Fattening pigs on acorns is a time honored American and European tradition, while providing them the fat and protein needed. Many consider acorn-fattened pork to have the best taste, and now scientific research is revealing its superior nutrition.” ~John Cuddeback  |  Learn more about the acorn-finished pork tradition.

“While we’re not living in Spain raising Jamon Iberico for $220 a hand-cut lb, our pork may just be the next best thing, this side of the Atlantic.” ~Rock


Frozen meat now available:

•Pork Sausage  •Italian Sausage  •Thick sliced Bacon by the lb  •1″ Thick Smoked Pork Chops

Now taking pre-orders for quarter, half or whole cows. Beef available early Spring 2017*

Cash or checks accepted. You may also pay online, via PayPal.

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*Limited availability.

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Hand delivering orders throughout Leelanau County, Michigan.

Kevin Jackson | E: jackson@thelandrovers.com | C: (517)518.1961

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