New Friends

Our first stop is Up North Michigan, in the Glen Arbor area. We’re treated to stay with our friends on their beautiful lakefront property with bed and breakfast-like accommodations.

After a lazy Sunday morning in bed, we searched for a farmer’s market to shop for local produce. We bought from all 3 of the vendors that were there, and then on the way back stopped a couple stands off the road. We sauteed up some fresh grown, fresh cut veggies and ate a truly “Raw” meal. It tasted good, and the little one in my belly was grateful too.

This afternoon, Skyler played nice with our friend’s new 4 month old French Brittany. I haven’t seen her actually play like that since before she had her litter 5 years ago. They chased each other around the yard, laid together catching some sun and a view, and the puppy thought Skyler’s tail was a chew toy. Unfortunately the puppy went back down state, where his home is, so their visit was brief. They even said goodbye’s to each other at the car on their way out 🙁


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