Glen Arbor, MI | Aug. 2011

Photos from our stay in Glen Arbor, MI

Brent & Kevin working on the Rover, Crystal River hiking, sunset from Miller Hill overlooking the Glen Lakes and Lake Michigan, Madre (my mom’s nickname) visiting for the weekend, leaving Glen Arbor on the almost famous M22, and going from 119 headed north towards the bridge, up a stretch nicknamed “tower of trees.”

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  1. I was fortunate enough to spend a few days with the ‘land rovers’ before they departed for Marquette and their subsequent trip west. We drove up Miller hill to see the amazing sunset that is shown in some of the photos above, (similar to my hikes up Young hill in Friday Harbor). We had fun attempting to capture our moments with the camera set on the timer. You will see in the photo of the three of us, the remote control in Jackson’s right hand that he used to take that particular shot. Then as Jackson was setting the camera up for another shot, Rock and I were viewing the scenery, when Skyler got curious and nosed in toward the camera, and we got that amazing picture where she is in focus with Raquel and I in the background. It is indeed a joy to live along side these two.

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