Carriage House Rules

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Entering the Smith’s estate, you’ll go down a long winding driveway,  pass by a beautiful garden planted where a putting green once stood, opening up to a large log home with flowering perennials and manicured grasses, with frontage and a beach on Fisher Lake, facing a uniquely spectacular view of Miller Hill.

Their “garage” is not really a garage, but a carriage house, also a beautiful log structure. This is where the entire family hosted us graciously for over 2 1/2 weeks. Fully equipped for everyday living, the Carriage House has multiple beds, a TV, couches, heat and fans, a full bath, a fridge, counter-top and sink, tables and chairs.

Before getting situated and unpacked, you are welcomed with a bench to take off your shoes, hang your hat, coat and bags, with a sign by the door that reads,

Carriage House Rules :

1. Pick up after yourself; your mom is not here to pick up after you!

2. If you are not wearing a wedding ring, you better be sleeping in your own bed.

3. Have fun, enjoy, and make great memories!

 I didn’t abide by these rules my whole life, but I’m grateful to be in a good place where now it just comes naturally. Unlike the story called Cider House Rules, having enough love and respect for your self, those around you, and honor for our creator, causes you to live a life of greater character. The ring on my finger is not just an eternal commitment to my husband, but a commitment to be right before God.

Being at the Smith’s is like being a part of their family. Thoughtful acts of kindness, freshly prepared food, soaking up the sun on the dock, rocking in a chair next to someone with a view of the still water, reading a good book, and going for a hike are just among a few of all the wonderful activities we experienced there. Leaving was difficult, as we wanted to extend our goodbyes. Life

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  1. The “Smiths” had the pleasure of hosting Raquel and Jackson as their first stop along what is to be the greatest trip of their lives (to date)… Having Raquel and Jackson around is like breathing really fresh air… They are the family that you choose… I’ve been on this earth now for half a century and i’ve done ALOT of things, been ALOT of places and have been involved in ALOT of peoples lives… R&J (as I will now refer to them) are rare people… They are the kind of people that you WANT to spend time with… LOTS of time… If you are down they lift you up, if you are up they lift you higher, if you are in need they fill it, if you are hurting they comfort you, if you are lost they lead you to HIM, if you lack anything, anything at all they love you… Right now I want to be their dog because they are having the time of their life on this journey… In a few short months I want to be their newborn baby because they are going to be GREAT parents and their children will be so blessed…I will settle for being their friend… I miss you two allready, Gods speed, be safe, drink this all in, listen daily for His voice, look for Him everywhere especially in the really small things… I love you two to the moon and back… Brent

  2. i miss you both so much when i read these updates! i am so happy though that you are taking this adventure and that God is blessing it every step of the way. i love you both more than words can say. XO

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