Farm Internship

Moving forward on the mission we set out to achieve, getting closer…each season! Our time in Boise, ID came to a close and we felt in our hearts that we were only meant to be there a short season. God had more in store for us. Coming back to MI wasn’t what we had in mind when we set out to leave it, but it has been better that we could have imagined.

Jackson felt that the next step to having our own farm was to get a hands on education first. He applied for paid positions all over the country. The door that opened just happened to be in, what GMA named “the most beautiful spot in America” this past year. A spot we both vacationed in growing up, a place both beautiful and dear to our hearts. He’s been working on Isadore Farm in Cedar, MI – just outside of Glen Arbor, where they grow Certified Organic produce. They sell their goods at farmers markets, the local food co-op, and restaurants.

Once again, we packed up the Land Rover and headed across the county. Only this time it was on the back of a moving truck and with a baby in tow. We invited my mom to continue to live with us, and it continues to make sense. We are a family, a community, all with different gifts, talents, love, creativity and resources to bring to the table. We continue to move forward to a future working and living together.

We landed a rental home through word of mouth once we got to Glen Arbor. Our landlords understand the lifestyle we’re trying to achieve, and had a place to offer us at just the right price. Living in this beautiful place to raise our first son, with hiking out the back door and Lake MI just a few miles away, has felt a bit like a dream. We’ve been able to eat really well, in part due to the beautiful produce from the farm. All of this has been achieved on very minimal wages. The moral of the story…simplify your life, follow your heart, eat well, live well.

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