Boise, Idaho

Kevin an I chose to move to Boise, Idaho after visiting our dear friends Jeremy & Brianna Whitman and discovering The Baby Place. We were seeking a natural birth experience and found peace in God’s presence there. After prayer, we sensed that that was exactly where we needed to be. After that, everything fell into place. We got a six month rental in the North End of town and had lots of great experiences in our time out west.

We were exposed to what the lifestyle out west is like, how riding a bike is commonplace and necessary, watched Jeremy in his cyclo-cross races, enjoyed the culture of the downtown, rented a historic home in the popular “North End,” lived just 17 miles from the top of the Bogus Basin – a skiing destination, and just a couple miles from a spectacular view of the Valley on top of Camelsback park. We enjoyed our beloved neighbors Peg and Harry, found a wonderful church family in The North End Collective, Rock went to her first Christmas cookie exchange (made sweet potato cookies), Jackson learned how to make Sourdough bread from scratch with a starter, and we both got Cowboy boots. Now the only thing we’re missing is an old pick up truck and a gun.