Bowman Lake | Glacier National Park

“like the dogs, we’re just here for entertainment…and companionship.” -Glen

Everyone out west seems to have a “Rig.” The rigs out west might just be a heavy duty pick up truck or a vehicle they can hitch a trailer to. Countless times, we’ve been getting comments on our rig at stations, campgrounds, and parking lots, with people saying “hey, nice rig you have there!” Our camp-mates at Bowman Lake had a real solid name for their rig, appropriately named by her color, Sangria.

We met Glen, Amy and Walter (the dog) at Many Glacier campground. We saw they had a dog and offered to help out by watching it if they went for a long hike, as dogs are not allowed on trails. Our camping neighbor John tooke Jackson for a long hike to Iceburg Lake. They ended up crossing paths with Glen and Amy on the trail and finished out the hike as a group. I stayed back because of the elevation and watched Walter and Skyler.

We spent one more day in Many Glacier, then drove the Going to the Sun road as far as it was open. The next day we made it to Bowman Lake campground on the west side of the park, and ended up camping across from Glen and Amy! There weren’t many campers here, as it is now considered the off-season, so we had fun “community camping.” We shared meals, dish-duty and campfires for a few days.

The last morning we were there, the wildlife was ready for us to leave. There was a squirrel in a tree above Sangria, purposefully throwing spiked pine cones at Sangria’s windshield. The days before, we had a “friendly fox” lurking about, scouting out our camp and taunting the dogs. We were warned by the Ranger, not to leave anything out because the fox has been known to steal things when you’re not watching. Despite the guard of the two dogs, the fox continued to attempt and enter the camping area unnoticed. One morning we got up to find the fox had stolen the dish-washing brush, carried it a few feet and peed on it.

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