6,000 Miles | Crater Lake, Oregon

The campground we stayed at outside of Crater Lake ended up being quite possibly our favorite site on this trip, also reaching our 6,000 mile mark.

Little did we know that the nite we set up was the last nite the grounds would remain open due to the changing weather. Typically, the weather in this area would have been much more harsh than we experienced.

It was foggy, damp and cold, but we were totally blessed by the previous campers supply of firewood left behind, and surprised by the heated bathrooms equipped with showers!

There was also stellar indoor/outdoor fish cleaning station available. Not even having made it to Crater Lake yet, we were in awe of the beauty of the lake and landscape on which these campgrounds sat.

The next day we packed up to go see Crater Lake, the weather began to turn, the campground closed, and as we drove into the park from the Northern Entrance, we found that after that day, the road to go completely around the lake would also be closing for the season.

Just to illustrate the type of weather they experience in this unique part of the globe, I stood on top of the hood of the Land Rover next to a stake to mark the road for the snow plows. The grace involved in the timing of our visit here was amazing.

Crater Lake is remotely located in Oregon, but we think it should be considered one of the wonders of the world. The lake was formed by a collapsing volcano and is over 2,000 feet deep. There is no water source running in or out of the lake, but it remains filled by rain and snowfall, and recycles due to evaporation about every 250 years. The colors of the lake are the most beautiful shades of blue and it’s surrounding landscape is equally as breathtaking.






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