5000 Mile Highlights

5000 Miles on the Land Rover during this trip included:

All our camping and hiking adventures in Glacier National Park

Visiting with Richard & Sharon Smith in Trout Creek, MT

Met Elana at a church in Trout Creek, who prayed over us (never had anyone do that before! I was totally moved to tears:). Bought Beads of Java to give women fair wages, helping to stop human trafficking

Pit-stop in Missoula, MT

Traveling south, hitting one of the most beautiful scenic drives on 12 that goes through southern Montana into Idaho

driving through snow due to the high elevation in Lolo Pass, off of 12 in Idaho

Camping for free off of the road in Riggins, ID next to the Salmon River

Drive from Riggins to Boise, ID

Staying with Jeremy Whitman, Bri & baby Griffon in Boise, ID – we learned to make Sushi!!!

First time Meeting the Midwives of New Beginnings Birth Center (Rock later got to design their website!) & getting a baby bump check-up

Driving from Boise, ID to Bend, OR

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  1. Hello landrovers!
    Thank you for the amazing photos and the 5000 mile update. You both look healthy and happy. It is so nice to keep up with your journey through the site.

    See you in two months!

    Love & Hugs


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