Raspberry Picking

Raspberry Picking, Turtle Catching, and NO DOGS ALLOWED.

We spent this past weekend with my Dad and Step Mom, at their new Up North retreat, by Torch Lake. While there, we had a wonderful visit with my Grandparents and step-brother, Josh, who we don’t get to see enough.

As we arrived at Eastport Beach, there was a prominent sign stating “ABSOLUTELY No Smoking, No Dogs Allowed.” Disappointed but respectfully determined, we looked for other beaching options. Despite the NO DOGS signage, we decided to risk getting ticketed for bringing Skyler to a so-called public beach on Lake Michigan. There was absolutely no way we were going to leave her in the car for 3 hours while we all enjoyed the water and the sun. A set of grandparents with their granddaughter, sitting and playing near us, fell in love with Skyler. The experience on the beach gave us a glance into our future with Skyler and a young child playing on the beach.

After the beach that day we had fun Raspberry picking at a farm near the 45th parallel. This particular global region creates a beautiful climate for farms and vineyards growing all kinds of luscious fruits. While picking, I think we ate as much of the raspberries as we picked.

Kevin enjoys snorkeling off the dock either to spear fish or for pure amusement. While snorkeling yesterday, he found a momma and baby turtle moving along the sand below. In a surreal moment, about 15 ft. under water, he caught them with his bare hands, flowing back up to the surface, following their oxygen bubbles. We looked in awe at the detail of her beauty, shot some photos, then released her back to her watery habitat to rejoin her baby.


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