What am I doing?

Our good friend Matt, shared the site manvsdebt.com with us. I’m sitting here, already being misunderstood and called crazy, thinking “what am I doing?” Then I remembered his slogan:

Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you Love.

-Adam Baker

People that travel and blog usually have some tangible goal like: camping in all 50 states, or traveling the entire world in a Land Rover, or Driving from Alaska to Argentina with 5 kids in a truck fueled by bio-diesel. Then there’s us.

We’re getting ready to be “homeless” on purpose, pregnant, and traveling in an old Land Rover with the “non-plan plan” in the horizon, all while pregnant. It sounds crazy, but then the answer to my question “what are we doing?” dawned on me.

Our first home doesn’t have enough land for our bigger dreams, and we just aren’t satisfied with the suburban lifestyle for long periods of time, Don’t get me wrong, I love cities. In fact, if money was no object, we’d have a skyline view in a penthouse loft, with a roof garden in Chicago, just to go there on the occasional weekend get-away. But we’re just not designed for the daily grind. We can work long and hard, but when there’s no bigger picture that we have like-minded vision with, I just can’t justify it long-term.

We’ve watched our parents generation loose their “secure” jobs, and seen people with college degrees not be able to find steady work to feed their families, and high paid engineers loose everything they had, long-time employees be offered a small severance package to leave. So what you’re “suppose to do out of high school” just doesn’t add up.

Kevin and I were entrepreneurs when we met out of college, but had to end our small business due to the change in the economy. Then we went to hourly wages, which is just not going to support the lifestyle of starting a family. Call me crazy, but I just don’t see it. So we’re selling our crap, working towards paying off debt, leaving our hourly jobs for a while, and getting ready to start doing what we love and living more passionately.

Hopefully our actions will inspire change in other people’s lives, and we’re trusing that we’ll make ends meed somehow. Just don’t look at it logically, and it’ll make sense. When I start over thinking it, that’s when I scare myself. But when I trust my gut, I trust my God, and I move towards the unkown that lies ahead, I know it’ll be just fine. Surrenderring to that fact that it doesn’t all have to be figured out, leaves room for the the Man above to do His part.

If you are considering a leap of faith in your life, trust your instinct. Listen to that still small voice, whom childhood stories call Jiminy Cricket.

Be okay with a little. Be okay with adversity, seeing it as opportunity. Be okay with the unknown. Be okay with just being in…today.

The Egg

So, that story I told you about the chicken that laid an egg on my lap on Mother’s Day?

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Well, turns out it was foreshadowing after all! I thought that term was only used in novels and movies. Apparently not. The egg was a sign of things to come! We are 10 weeks pregnant, and found out a few weeks ago. But obviously, we wanted to share the new in person with the parentals and other family and friends.

We’ve been married for 5 years, this coming August, and we wanted to wait a bit to start a family to enjoy each other and do some traveling. That was the goal anyways. Life has a way of changing our plans though. So here we are pregnant, and not “traveled.” We’re down to the wire, I know, but we’re going. And the time is right. It’s far from easy (money, or lack-there of, selling the house, moving our stuff, preparing for a garage sale, trying to pay off debt, etc.), but we’re living by faith and letting the Lord direct our steps. Things seem to be falling into place with a little elbow grease, persistence, and “bigger-picture” vision.

This exciting news is one of the best things I’ve experienced, aside from the joy of our wedding day. We’re so happy to be taking steps into this phase of our life. Up until now, I would’ve told any one “I’ll be waiting as long as possible before we have a little one.” With the news that we are pregnant now, I’ve never felt more fulfilled, nor the time more right.


Cleaning & Chickens

Cleaning out the chicken coop, cleaning out the house, cleaning out our life.

Part of the change we are making, is downsizing in order to become portable. Today, we sold some hens from our flock of 25.

In the beginning of Kevin’s farming projects, we got chickens. I promised, “You can get chicken’s as long as you don’t ask me to help clean or take care of them.” Soon enough, I was visiting them with a daily greeting like, “hello ladies!” Shortly thereafter, if I noticed they were low on water, I’d fill their water. Not because he asked me to. The chicken project soon became a family affair. My brother and mother both help with the feeding and watering duties, and we’ve been known to get caught just hanging out and chatting down by the coop, while the birds free-range the yard. When company comes over, it’s likely that they’ll end up getting a tour of the yard and visiting the chickens as well.

This past Mother’s day, we sat on the grass in the sun with the chickens, and one of our White Brahma’s sat in my lap for a while and laid an egg in my lap. Perhaps it was a gift from above, a foreshadowing of our future to be.

This spring, we’ve been regularly collecting a dozen eggs a day. We have a beautiful variety of birds, giving us an assortment of different colored eggs: From off white to chocolate brown, pale green to sage green. We collect the eggs, wipe off the eggs, display the eggs, sell the eggs, and give the eggs away. The chicken’s have been a gift of nourishment to our bodies and our lives.

The step towards selling our hens will free us in order to travel. I know we’ll settle back down, but for now, we’re being pushed forward to simplicity, learning, and adventure. It was bittersweet but right to find new homes for the girls.

Our St. Bernard, Skyler, on the other hand, won’t let us out of her sight.

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