Baby Bump

Due Date : February 13th, 2012

[box]We are 5 months pregnant now, and I am feeling awesome. [/box]

The fresh mountain air, elevation, yoga, good food and hiking has done me good and I’m believing it will also influence the growth and health of the little one developing inside me. My belly is big enough now that I actually look and feel pregnant. Last week I felt the baby turn and move inside for the first time, which was extremely cool.

The midwife whose care we are under now, Peg Dunn CNM from Munson Hospital in Traverse City, MI said to us, “Giving birth is like running a marathon…you have to prepare your mind and body for it.” So with that in mind I am taking on this trip with an attitude of preparedness and motivation to push my body and mentally get ready.

Because we are traveling cross country, we have also been in contact with a Birthing Center and Midwife in Boise, Idaho. We have a consultation appointment with them on October 10th to see the facility, how they operate, as well as this months check up scheduled later that day. We are excited for this opportunity and level of care. They have been wonderfully accepting and supportive of our current lifestyle and working with us to care for us while we are out west.

The Egg

So, that story I told you about the chicken that laid an egg on my lap on Mother’s Day?

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Well, turns out it was foreshadowing after all! I thought that term was only used in novels and movies. Apparently not. The egg was a sign of things to come! We are 10 weeks pregnant, and found out a few weeks ago. But obviously, we wanted to share the new in person with the parentals and other family and friends.

We’ve been married for 5 years, this coming August, and we wanted to wait a bit to start a family to enjoy each other and do some traveling. That was the goal anyways. Life has a way of changing our plans though. So here we are pregnant, and not “traveled.” We’re down to the wire, I know, but we’re going. And the time is right. It’s far from easy (money, or lack-there of, selling the house, moving our stuff, preparing for a garage sale, trying to pay off debt, etc.), but we’re living by faith and letting the Lord direct our steps. Things seem to be falling into place with a little elbow grease, persistence, and “bigger-picture” vision.

This exciting news is one of the best things I’ve experienced, aside from the joy of our wedding day. We’re so happy to be taking steps into this phase of our life. Up until now, I would’ve told any one “I’ll be waiting as long as possible before we have a little one.” With the news that we are pregnant now, I’ve never felt more fulfilled, nor the time more right.