Marquette & the Pictured Rocks, MI

Our visit in Marquette, MI has been adventurous and full of lots of nutritional learning.

Meeting great people, eating great food, learning a lot, yoga, hiking, camping, sight-seeing, getting “pulled over” by the Coast Guard in a little fishing boat on Lake Superior, the Pictured Rocks, Rover Rides, sun tans, a growing baby belly, love, laughter and smiles.

PS. More photos to come on this page…

4 Replies to “Marquette & the Pictured Rocks, MI”

  1. Hey you guys- this is leigh and wendy from brighton MI. you know wendy!! we miss you. keith just filled us in on your awesome adventure. travel safe and have a wonderful journey.

  2. Thank you for putting up so many photos for us to enjoy! I would love to hear the story of how you met your new acquaintances the park rangers. Based on their smiling faces, I am guessing that your getting ‘pulled over’ was not a serious issue. So glad to see you doing yoga! I think that your image of the five-finger shoes with Skyler should be the poster for the shoe company!

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